Hello, whoever you are! Thanks for stopping by! I’m fleurwilde: a shy, pensive, moody 23-year-old and the author of this site. I originally planned to use this page to explain my purpose for starting Shrinking Violet; but right now, I’m not sure what that is. Maybe one day I’ll get it figured out and write up a vision page or something. For now, I’m just gonna map out what’s going on here.

Making Things is where I display my finished craft projects. I made this section at the suggestion of a friend, who thinks I might be able to sell some of my work one day.

Dreaming Up Stories is an invitation to peek at the worlds inside my head. I say “peek” because you won’t find a lot of complete stories here; instead you’ll find what I call “scenes” – short glimpses into a larger story. I have several main stories going on at once, but I’ll try to post overviews and keep my labeling consistent so that things don’t get too confusing.

Thinking On Paper is for honest contemplation.

Hey There! is a plain ol’ contact page.

All these categories can be found in the menu up top. Check ’em out and tell me what you think! Or if none of this is your kind of thing, go ahead and move on. No hard feelings.